Posted on: July 20, 2010 11:48 am

Is Tiger Going to Pass Jack?

This is pretty simple.  Is Tiger Woods, the man who has been afflicted with off the course turmoil, going to past Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 majors won in a career?  Tiger has 14 right now, so its 4 for the tie, 5 to win. 

The reason I pose this question is because many "critics" have said that Tiger is coming to the end of his prime.  That he is declawed, unintimidating, and essentially washed up.  I would agree that he as given the "critics" enough fuel for the fire considering the way he has performed of late.  Not only has he failed to win once this year but he has, in 7 tournaments, finished T4, T4, T19, T23, T46, WD, and MC. Both of the T4's were in majors, so one might say that Tiger is only playing hard in the most important events.  Also, Tiger's struggles at majors include a 5 year shutout of the Masters and zero major titles since US Open '08, where he defeated Rocco Mediate in a playoff.

Clearly the evidence is stacking up against the 34 year old Woods but I'm not convinced that he is high and dry.  Will he pass Jack?  I'm willing to say yes, as soon as he finds his putting stroke on the greens.  The younger Tiger was money from 10 feet and in and it seems like he has lost a bit of the magic touch on the short stuff.  I feel that Tiger is still putting his game back together following the knee surgery and likely will not win the PGA's final major, especially considering the rise in young talent and Lee Westwood's urgency to solidify a major win.

At this point, not much has signaled a Tiger turn-a-round, so I ask you: Will Tiger pass Jack?
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